Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Doll and Me Program Takes Girls Back in Time

Too young for Twilight, but not really into Harry Potter? What’s an 8-12 year old girl to do? Why, come to the History Center, of course! Each Saturday morning in February during the My Doll and Me series, local girls crafted items similar to those found in the popular historical fiction series, American Girl ©. Characters and their corresponding dolls came to life as girls explored various historical eras by making a scooter out of found materials the way “Kit” did during the Depression or experiencing a tea party as “Samantha” would have in 1904.

What could be more adorable than little girls dressed up for a tea party with their dolls? Add pink lemonade and photo-snapping parents, and you’ve got a finale to the My Doll and Me program that will go down as one our best.

“The girls had a great time," said one parent. "When they were leaving, they asked the instructor to ‘put us on the list for next year.'"

Thankfully, they won’t have to wait that long. Join us this summer as we host our American Girls camp from July 23-27. More information may be found on our calendar of events.

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